A full selection of guides and tools to support you

Technologically-advanced Autocall fire detection products suit a wide variety of customer and facility needs. We’ve assembled a growing collection of resources—from educational materials to reference manuals—to make it easier for you to design, specify, install, manage and maintain your Autocall fire detection system. 

Datasheets are available here.

IDNet Isolator2 Compatibility Chart

Describes which products you can use in conjunction with the IDNet Isolator2 and IDNet Isolator2 Bases.

IDNet Isolator2 Usage Guidelines

Describes usage guidelines for Isolator2 devices.

Installation file SpecGen

SpecGen application installation file

IP Gateway GSM Cellular Module Installation Guide

IP Gateway GSM Cellular Module Installation Guide

K-12 Fire Prevention White Paper Marketing Collateral

With Addressable Notification, K-12 Fire Protection Can Deliver Added Benefits

Legacy VESDA ECO replacement sensor cartridge discontinued

This is to inform you that Xtralis has issued a discontinuation of Legacy VESDA ECO replacement sensor cartridge.

Modules A006-9803 Relay Module Installation Manual

Installation instructions for the A006-9803 Expansion Relay Module.

Modules A4090-9002 IDNet Relay IAM Installation Manual

Installation instructions for the A4090-9002 Relay Individual Addressable Module (IAM).

MX Indoor Isolated Callpoint Installation and Operation Instructions

Describes and illustrates the installation and operation of MX Indoor Isolated Callpoints

Networking ES Net Infographic Marketing Collateral

Infographic describing the features and benefits of ES Net IP Based Life Safety Networks

Notification Appliance Point-To-Point Circuit Designer TOOL + FQQ

Easier, more accurate design and layout of IDNAC addressable notification appliance circuits. Now includes new Feature Quick Quote capability.

Seismic Applications Guide

Seismic Applications Guide

Selection Navigator Updates Released

Selection Navigator has been updated to include an array of new panel and circuit configuration tools and battery and cable calculation reports. These enhancements make creating and ordering systems easier and faster than ever. With this update we are also announcing that use of the ePrice platform will cease on December 31.