Building Solutions

Autocall customers around the world — from all industries — trust their people and their facilities to our products and technology. That’s because we deliver technologically superior fire detection systems that are easy to install, simple to service and cost-effective to own. We’re committed to helping you keep people safe, no matter what your business or the size of your organization. Because we take the time to understand your industry and its needs, your Autocall distributor can deliver innovative solutions tailored to your unique requirements and budget.


Your business depends on protection that’s comprehensive and easy to manage. At Autocall, we help commercial businesses of all kinds — from strip malls to high rises — protect employees, customers, assets and property from fire.

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Stores and shopping malls need to respond swiftly and surely in a fire emergency — guiding customers and employees to safety, protecting inventory, and helping firefighters work effectively. Autocall solutions can help keep your retail environment safe and protect you from liability.

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Industrial and Petroleum, Oil and Gas (POG)

At Autocall, we understand the needs of industrial organizations, including those handling hazardous or flammable materials. We offer all the components your Autocall distributor needs to deliver a comprehensive, customized solution that maximizes the safety of your high-risk industrial environment.

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Your business thrives when guests are relaxed, comfortable and free to enjoy your services. We can help you maintain that atmosphere by delivering optimal fire detection that’s easy to manage and non-disruptive to guests.

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Today’s healthcare providers are graded on patient satisfaction and compliance — and your fire detection system can play a role in scoring high marks. Our integrated solutions help you keep patients safe without disturbing their environment.

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Campuses are among the most complex and demanding environments for fire protection systems. Autocall solutions help you keep students, faculty and staff safe around the clock — while minimizing disruption and management.

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Transportation facilities — from airports and rail stations to trucking and shipping terminals — are busy, high-risk work environments. You need industrial-grade fire detection solutions that bring order out of chaos to ensure the health and safety of travelers and employees while protecting physical property and assets.

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