Point Sensors and Bases

Smoke and heat detectors are the workhorses of fire detection. A variety of point sensors and bases give you the power to design a fire detection system that’s tailored to the facility and its needs.

Photoelectric Sensors

Autocall photoelectric detectors measure for the presence and density of smoke. With software-adjustable sensitivity, drift compensation, and dirty detector sensing and trouble alerts, they help ensure consistent high performance and manageability.

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Heat Sensors

Photoelectric detectors are not suitable for all environments, including those where excessive dust or airborne particles could interfere with operation and cause false alarms. In these environments, Autocall heat detectors can be a more effective solution. They can be set to trigger alarms at a rising temperature rate or at a specified threshold temperature.

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Multi-Sensor Devices

Combining multiple detector types—for example, photoelectric and heat—multi-sensor devices monitor several environmental factors at once, enabling them to detect fire with greater certainty and avoid false alarms.

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CO Sensor Base

The Autocall CO sensor base has a replaceable CO element that can either work independently as a toxic gas detector or be combined with a photo or heat sensors to help reduce unnecessary alarms from common sources such as steam from showers, aerosols from personal care products, cooking materials, dust, and exhaust fumes.

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Sounder bases

Designed to meet NFPA low-frequency signaling requirements for unattended sleeping areas, the Autocall sounder base is a perfect solution for hospitality, education, and multi-occupancy residential applications.

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