Johnson Controls unveils new large color touch screen displays for ES Series fire control units

May 13, 2021

  • New 8-inch displays show up to eight events at once, providing quick information access

  • Multi-language support and touchscreen glove compatibility greatly improve ease-of-use

  • Part of the Johnson Controls OpenBlue suite of connected technologies that support healthy people, healthy places and a healthy planet


MILWAUKEE — (May 10, 2021) — Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today unveils new 8-inch (20-cm) color touchscreen displays for the company’s Autocall 4100ES and 4010ES fire alarm control units. The new color ES Touch Screen Display (ES TSD) improves fire panel performance by giving users more information, more intuitive functionality, easier multi-language accessibility, and improved aesthetics.  


Each ES TSD can display eight color-coded events simultaneously so users and first responders can gather critical information quickly and easily while vastly reducing the need to scroll through data. The resistive touch screens and buttons are compatible with gloves, so first responders can fully operate the control unit without the need to remove any personal protective equipment.


“The new ES Series of touch screen displays allow facility operators to select how they want to show information to first responders,” said Peter Ebersold, senior product manager, Johnson Controls. “By organizing information in different sequences – either in order of occurrence, by most recent, or a combination – we’re giving first responders all the necessary data in a snapshot so they can make an informed decision quickly.”


The system’s multi-language functionality makes it easy for a diverse group of operators to run the ES fire control panels. Users can quickly switch between two programmed languages (with six currently available language options), allowing for faster response times during fire events. The intuitive functionality also reduces user training time and helps make general operations more efficient.


“Along with the new ES Touch Screen Display, we are also launching two new large color touchscreen remote annunciators for the Autocall 4100ES and 4010ES,” Ebersold said. “The new line-up offers a consistent user experience across all ES fire alarm control units. It also allows customers to upgrade their existing system without having to replace the complete control units, which reduces downtime and shortens service time.”


Equipped with the new large color touch screen displays, the 4100ES and 4010ES control units with the ES remote annunciators sport a modern look and feel, making them suitable for placement in public spaces. Users can display custom logos and contact information to increase branding and facility aesthetics. A key lock prevents unauthorized access to the system for added security. The 4100ES and 4010ES control units with touch screen displays are code compliant for North American usage, including ULC for Canada.


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