ES Touch Screen Display for 4100ES and 4010ES Control Units

The ES Touch Screen Display (ES TSD) for Autocall 4100ES and 4010ES fire alarm control units makes using Autocall systems simpler, faster and more intuitive. It's a great option for facilities where quick access to information and aesthetics are essential.


  • Large, Color Touch Screen Display: The large 8” (20cm) screen shows a wealth of information, allowing operators to quickly see and assess what’s happening. It also vastly reduces scrolling when viewing event logs, point lists and other system information. The ES TSD is also available in remote standalone display cabinets and as an option on 4100ES remote annunciators. 
  • Flexible Display Options: The ES Touch Screen Display supports several display options for compliance with local requirements: First and Most Recent Event (followed by list of first 6 events), or Most Recent Event (followed by list of first 7 events), or ​First 8 Events
  • Built for Reliability: ES TSD includes both soft and hard keys for critical functions: i.e., Event Acknowledge (Alarm, Pri2/CO, Supervisory and Trouble), Alarm Silence, and System Reset. ​​​​​​If the display or soft buttons experience a failure the hard buttons remain available for critical functions, and vice versa.
  • Easy for Operators to Learn and Use: The ES TSD is very intuitive - much like the operation of the smartphones and tablets we all use every day. The large screen display format also provides more information at-a-glance with less scrolling and screen navigation required. 
  • Full Compliance with ULC Standard S-527 for Control Units: Capable of displaying up to 8 Zones of Alarm without scrolling, the ES TSD is fully compliant ULC requirements.