Autocall IDNet addressable modules provide addressability to conventional devices such as flow switches. Autocall products include a wide range of innovative addressable modules, including multi-point modules, modules that permit individual reporting from flow and tamper switches on the same circuit, and isolator modules that protect power wiring from short circuits and ground faults. 


  • Individual addressable modules (IAMs) receive both power and communications from a two-wire and provide location-specific addressability.
  • IDNet Relay IAMs allow fire alarm control panels to control a remotely located Form “C” contact using addressable communications for both data and module power. Typical applications include switching local power for control functions, such as elevator capture, or control of HVAC components, pressurization fans, dampers, and more. Relay status is also communicated requiring only one device address.
  • The Security Monitor IAM has both power and communications supplied by a two-wire 4100ES, 4100U or 4010ES IDNet circuit. It provides location-specific addressability for up to five initiating devices (such as window or door magnet switch contacts or other similar security devices) by monitoring the circuit wiring connections to either normally closed or normally open dry contacts (one type per IAM).
  • The Single Address Six Point Module allows the IDNet communication channel to monitor four T-sense input circuits and control two output relays from a single compact module requiring a single address. Power is supplied by a 24 VDC connection to a listed fire alarm power supply.
  • IDNet/MAPNET II Monitor ZAMs allow a single addressable point to monitor a conventional initiating device circuit (IDC) populated with 2-wire or 4-wire initiating devices.
  • Communications Isolators provide IDNet communications isolation and Power Isolators provide system power isolation. The isolators improve installation convenience and increase system integrity. Isolation is automatically activated when an output short circuit is detected and isolation can also be selected manually from the control panel to assist with troubleshooting wiring problems.

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