High-speed, High Performance Networking

The Autocall ES Net fire and life safety network optimizes system design and installation flexibility while increasing network capacity, speed and performance.

ES Net supports multiple network topologies for enhanced design and installation flexibility, improved fault tolerance, and the potential to reduce the conduit and wiring. A redundant system with battery backup, ES Net carries voice messages and firefighter telephone calls between nodes and can support supplemental network traffic – such as security cameras and access control data – without any interference to fire alarm system traffic.

Harnessing the power of IP technology with data rates up to 100 MB per second and a range of network connection choices, including ethernet, DSL, and fiber, ES Net gives building owners a platform for future growth and integration.


  • Industry-standard IP network technology and infrastructure allow for greater design and installation flexibility.
  • High speed 100 Mbps network which supports up to seven network loops and 687 nodes.
  • A wide range of supported topology configurations – including ring, star, bus and bridged rings - means greater design and installation flexibility.
  • Mix and match network media between nodes to optimize cost and performance. 
  • Voice messages and firefighter telephone calls are transmitted digitally across the fire alarm network, allowing system-wide emergency announcements and first responder communication with no extra wiring between nodes.
  • Upload software to all 99 nodes on a network loop from a single location in just a few minutes. Technicians don’t need to physically access nodes, saving time and eliminating hassle.
  • Designed for resilience and survivability. In the event of node failures or wiring problems, the nodes regroup and establish new, smaller sub-networks that maintain communications among the active nodes.

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