TrueSite Workstation

Centralized control, timely response 

Manage your fire and life safety network from one location with TrueSite Workstation, a PC-based graphical command center that provides centralized network annunciation, historical logging, report generation and control of fire alarm network points. 

Each TrueSite Workstation can support extremely large installations and display information from other manufacturer’s control units using an agency-listed DACR option. Touchscreen operation, an intuitive 3-D graphical user interface and customized, event-specific operator instructions help accelerate emergency response. 

For facilities of smaller scale and budget, we offer the TrueSite Workstation Building System Information Unit (BSIU). The BSIU enables schools, clinics and small residential facilities to access many TrueSite Workstation features using more affordable, off-the-shelf computers.


  • Powerful functionality and survivability: TrueSite Workstation can manage 250,000 devices, 687 fire alarm control units and store up to 500,000 system events. Operating as an independent node on the ES Net peer-to-peer network, TrueSite Workstation can continue operating even when other parts of the network or control units are down. 
  • Fast, efficient emergency response and notification: TrueSite Workstation receives information from devices and control units across the network, alerts operators and provides detailed, step-by-step response instructions.  
  • Simultaneous display of graphical and textual alarm data on up to four display screens: Operators can quickly assess and respond to emergencies. TrueSite Workstation and can automatically email event notification to mobile and offsite team members. 
  • 3-D color graphics: TrueSite Workstation can import building site plans from CAD drawings to create high-resolution building and campus maps. TrueSite Workstation Visually pinpoint the locations of fire, emergency, supervisory and trouble conditions anywhere on the network and pan-tilt-zoom capability helps operators and first responders visualize events.  
  • Seamless integration: TrueSite Workstation can accept and display alarm information from virtually any control unit via a DACR interface, giving the operator a facility-wide overview from a single console.  
  • PC Clients unlock access to information, make maintenance, service easier: TrueSite Workstation allows simultaneous connection of up to 60 PC based clients, allowing authorized users to access status, history and maintenance information with their own computers.