Notification Appliance Point-To-Point Circuit Designer TOOL + FQQ


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The IDNAC Point-to-Point Circuit Designer Tool is designed to facilitate easy and accurate design and layout of IDNAC addressable notification appliance circuits.

We've now added "Feature Quick Quote" (FQQ) which allows rapid takeoff and estimation utilizing spreadsheet functionality for interface with the Selection Navigator or CPQ pricing platform.

Key features of this tool include:

  • Fast and simple device selection spreadsheet 
  • IDNAC Circuit design including Voltage Drop and Current Calculation support for Class A, Class B and mixed Class A & B circuits 
  • Easy calculation of T-Tapped Circuits
  • IDNAC Repeater support - Class A, B & Extended Mode selections
  • Circuit Tree View with Easily Identifiable Tap Levels 
  • Exportable Project View for Submittal Packages
  • Creation of One Line Riser Drawing of Circuits
  • Fast and simple device selection spreadsheet 
  • Dedicated selector screens for IDNet, IDNAC, NAC, 3rd Party Items, and 4007ES
  • Integrated Labor Calculator
  • Bill of Materials view with selection filter
  • .CSV Importation for takeoff totals
  • .CSV Exportation to Selection Navigator or CPQ for Pricing

Note: Microsoft Excel is required to run IDNAC Point to Point Circuit Designer

Summary of IDNAC Point to Point Circuit Designer Features:

Device Type & Characteristics, Wire Selection, and Connection Type

  • Device type dropdown menu choices include all of the latest IDNAC devices, DCAI cards, Repeaters, Isolation Modules, T-Taps, J-Boxes and Terminal Cabinets.
  • Device characteristic options include candela selection, wire gauge & length, and full selection of connection options to circuit; series connection, T-Tap parallel, return to Tap, return to circuit root, tie to branch, tie to repeater and terminal cabinet connection.
  • Item point label support
  • Direct PID entry for device selection option
  • Automatic device addressing options

Circuit Designer Flexibility

  • Allows choice of Class A, Class B or mixed Class A & B circuits; example of last: Class B isolated circuits on multiple floors fed from a Class A riser loop.
  • Repeater Extended Mode option supported
  • Circuit Designer has option to hide/ show point labels and Class A calcs when not being utilized.
  • Project View design layout can be edited to fit submittal package requirements; hide/unhide option is unlocked. 
  • Circuit Drawing option will create a graphic representation of the circuit design that can exported to submittal package or drawing.
  • Full feature suite allows editing of previously entered items without need for restart of design; Copy/Paste Devices, Insert/Remove Rows, Readdress Devices and Reset T-Taps.

Key Features Added with FQQ:

Manual Device Selection

  • Customizable columns headers, example: Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, etc.
  • IDNet device groups; addressable detectors, duct detectors, input modules, etc.
  • Pre-configured device pairing selections; example: Smoke Detector with Standard Base
  • IDNAC & Conventional NAC feature customizable device selectors that allow users to tailor the spreadsheet tool for business model or vertical market
  • Third Party Items tab allows user to easily customize takeoff for Non-JCI products
  • 4007ES Quick Select allows pre-selected 4007ES systems to be chosen for rapid pricing in Selection Navigator with field device selections

Automatic Calculation of Manual Selectors 

  • FQQ device selections are automatically tallied 
  • Logical selection process follows a typical design take off, providing useful calculations on estimated number of Loops, Addressable NACs, Repeaters, Speaker Wattage and Cable Calculations allowing the user to set base preferences such as spare design capacity.
  • IDNAC/ Conventional NAC customizable selections for load calculations:
  • Speaker Wattage
  • Circuit Length
  • Wire Gauge, Temperature and Unit of Measure
  • Device selection totals are compiled in Labor tab for costing with customizable labor rates
  • Separate Installation, Commissioning and Service columns 

Import Drawing .CSV File for IDNet and IDNAC

  • Import .CSV takeoff list from popular drawing takeoff programs
  • Customizable columns headers, example: Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, etc.
  • Map file import to selectable Columns for multiple imports in a session 
  • User can create custom descriptions for imports or use default Master descriptions
  • Customizable spare capacity for addressable points and circuit loading
  • IDNAC customizable selections for load calculations
  • Speaker wattage
  • Circuit Length
  • Wire Gauge, Temperature and Unit of Measure